Bikram Yoga Baltimore

Studio Etiquette and Policies

Before Class

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins. Doors will be locked once class begins--sorry, we cannot admit latecomers.
  • Turn off cell phones and pagers. Refrain from using them in the lobby or locker rooms. Never bring them into the class room!
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day before coming to class. Hydration is very important.
  • Sign in and print legibly.
  • First time students should arrive 20 minutes before class begins.
  • Please leave shoes in the designated area. No shoes in yoga room or locker rooms.
  • Have clean feet and body, and be perfume free.
  • Wait to enter the yoga room until 15 minutes before class time so that the class before yours has time for an undisturbed savasana.
  • Please leave all bags, keys, etc., in the locker rooms. Only enter the yoga room with your mat, towels, water, and happy-smiling face.

During Class

  • Please refrain from talking in the yoga room. Many students use the time before class to quietly meditate and center themselves as they prepare for class.
  • All students are required to practice with both a yoga mat and towel. If you are a heavy sweater, please bring several towels.
  • Do your very best to stay in the yoga room once class begins. If an emergency requires you to leave, please leave and re—enter between postures rather than during.
  • Make sure to bring water into class with you — we do allow beverages with elecrolytes in them, but please keep lids on all bottles, do not bring in glass bottles, and no open cups allowed.
  • Practice stillness between postures.
  • Honor the silence of the room by moving quietly and together with the class.
  • Focus on only yourself in the mirror.
  • Do not talk during class.

After Class

  • Observe complete silence during and after the final savasana/meditation.
  • Leave the room quietly. Respect others. Be sure to take everything with you, including any tissues, empty bottles, etc. Do not leave anything in the room--re-entering later to get your mat can disturb other yogis in savasana.
  • Please limit your time after class to 15 minutes so the next class can come set up and prepare for class.
  • Take rented mats and/or towels with you to the locker room and place in hampers provided.
  • Respect everyone's time--please limit showers to 2 minutes. Rinse off and refresh, but save the spa rituals for home!
  • Our studio is closed 30 minutes after each class--please enjoy your relaxed feeling, but be sure to exit promptly.
  • Enjoy all the energy and good feelings you've created, and make up your mind to come back tomorrow!

At Home - A Bikram Yoga practice requires some extra maintenance to get used to:

  • Make sure to wash your mat regularly. We offer yoga mat spray for sale at the studio.
  • If you practice daily, consider getting a second mat to alternate, so that your mats can dry and thus last longer/smell better.
  • Likewise, be sure you have adequate yoga clothing. As you can imagine, your clothes can start to smell from all the toxins you sweat out in class, so have plenty to alternate.
  • Don't forget your towels--again, you need several so you can alternate use.
  • It is imperative that you wash your towels and clothes after every class!
  • You will start to drink more water than you are used to--stay hydrated.
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