Bikram is a life changer. The instructors [at Bikram Yoga Baltimore] are amazing! Give it a try and see your life change.

I started doing Bikram yoga out of curiosity and it soon became something I couldn’t imagine living without. Since starting about six months ago, my body has changed (toned muscles, greater flexibility, better postures) but I definitely appreciate the mental change. I feel more confident in my body and am handling stress better. The instructors are wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone!

I have been a competitive gymnast since I was five (17 years) and my body has continued to hurt in ways I couldn’t manage until I found Bikram. Once I started practicing Bikram I now wake up with less tension all over my body, I have more energy, and I just feel so great inside and out. I have tried a lot of various workouts and nothing has transformed my body the way Bikram has. And the best part is you get the workout of your life, peace of mind, and since it is pain-free it is always a pleasure to come back for more. Bikram has changed my life and I will be forever thankful!

Thank you for helping those of us who ran out of resources and wanted to live pain-free. I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bikram is a great place for a thorough workout.

Your body feels great after class and yearns to go again.

It was a really intense session. I sweat out about a gallon of water. But I felt so healthy and for once in a long time, I was pain-free from my endometriosis and had much energy. That feeling lasted a few days too. It felt like that was what I was missing. I can’t wait to recover from my surgery and get back on the mat in a couple weeks!

The [BYB] teachers are fantastic and make you feel very at home here! The class was different than I was used to but I realized that I had never done true Bikram… needless to say I felt great after the class and was sore in all the right places the next couple days!

I absolutely LOVE [Bikram Yoga] and hope it remains a positive environment based on the philosophy behind the practice of yoga both in and outside the studio as it grows bigger and bigger in popularity…I have watched BYB grow and become a wonderful mind/body experience! If you haven’t done it, it doesn’t matter your age, athleticism, size, anything–YOU CAN!

I always wanted to try Bikram yoga and was new to the experience. I was afraid it would be pretentious and I would be uncomfortable with my lack of yoga knowledge. NOT the case…My first instructor could not have been more positive. It seemed like there were other instructors in the room practicing, and they all had such a great rapport. I am definitely hooked and have recommended it to anyone who will listen!

I love your studio. This practice has changed my life.

After only three times visiting I’m hooked…. why? Yes, the yoga is fabulous, albeit butt-kicking hard, but the staff is great and friendly and consistently helpful.

Bikram Yoga Baltimore is a top notch Bikram Yoga facility. All of the instructions are professional and always early for each session and they operate the class in accordance with Bikram fundamentals and guidelines.

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