Bikram Yoga Baltimore

Allison Kinter

Prior to being a teacher, Allison worked for a government contracting company in the field of industrial psychology, making a boatload of money and using her hard-earned degree from Lehigh University. But after very quickly realizing that money will not buy her happiness, she decided to follow her gut and pursue what she truly loved. She went to Teacher Training in the fall of 2008 in Acapulco, Mexico, and now enjoys seeing her students do amazing things with their bodies every day, and many times, amazing things they don’t believe are possible. She deeply cares for her students, and her students know it. She believes in each individual that walks into the hot room, and never gives up on them! Allison’s favorite posture? Standing Head-to-Knee. It requires 100% mental focus and concentration, with no break. When she is able to hit the pose, with every joint in its place, she feels a great sense of satisfaction.

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